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Top 50 images of 2015

Check out the most popular images of 2015 on Wrestling With Text (according to imgur and tumblr). May we have fewer injuries in 2016.

VS. gifs

To check out my new (and old) video game/wrestling mashups, click the image below!

WWE vs. Capcom and other games

Giffing guide

I have added a giffing guide. First draft, please hollar at me if you're confused or need some more info.

More site updates

I switched around a lot of the backend of the site in hopes of having less load on the server. While I was at it I also added a "top images" image browser thing. Once again, please hollar if you have any issues with the site :)

New server

Just got put on a new server in part so I could more easily do live recaps. Also did a ton of code updates that you shouldn't notice, so hollar if anything is broken!

Live gifs

As you may have already seen, my top priority is live giffing PPV's, live giffing RAW and recapping PPVs. There may be other stuff sprinkled here and there, but for now those are a solid part of my schedule.

If you'd like to see my gifs/images as soon as I post them, you can do so in the following ways:

Tag searching

I had a bit of a coding itch and decided to finally update the way my tags work. You can now combine tags by typing wrestlingwithtext.com/tag/some tag1/some tag2/ etc. Here are some examples:

You get the idea ;)

Lite version

You may have noticed the "Lite Version" link. It switches the site into a mode which will allow you to browse recaps one image at a time. It's nice for phones or slower computers that can't load a lot of gifs at one time.

If you have any issues with this or anything else on the site make sure to contact me!