Wrestling With Text

About the site

Wrestling With Text (or WWT) started as a means for me to express my thoughts about professional wrestling. I neither have the writing ability nor the passion for writing to make a traditional recap blog compelling, so I decided to make the kind of fan-generated content I have enjoyed the most: coupling text with images and gifs. Since I started I have added a few recurring elements such as recap collages, cinemagraphs, image tooltip text and a "final thoughts" type of section.

Currently this is a one man show (two if you count the guy that runs the server which the site is on).

This site is not affiliated with the WWE or TNA.

Image "Policy"

I'm generally fine with whichever way people want to use images from this site. I would REALLY appreciate it, however, if you could in some way give credit by linking to the site. I have tried my best to make it easy to do so. If you are posting an image on a forum you can use the "Copy [url][img]" button to link the image to the page you are currently looking at. Also you can copy the link address of the title of the image and it will give you a direct link to that image like so: http://wrestlingwithtext.com/ptCHN.

Of course if you happen to see an image I made being used somewhere, I'm all for people politely mentioning it's from wrestlingwithtext.com :D

Technical Info

The site is written on a LAMP stack coded by hand pretty much entirely from scratch.

To make the pictures/gifs for the recaps, AVIDeMux, VirtualDub, VLC and Photoshop on Windows are used.

About me

I (WrasslorMonkey/cwmonkey) am a professional web developer with an affinity for front end development.

I've loved Pro Wrestling ever since I can remember, but in the past few years I've been more into it than I ever have been before. With this zeal also came the need to interact with people, or at least lurk and see how my thoughts compared to the thoughts of others.

I like to laugh about as much as I like to complain - and that's probably pretty obvious if you've read more than a couple recaps.