Wrestling With Text

The 1-2-3

No Touts from us ugly rasslin fans, woohoo! :D

I can't even remember my initial feeling towards the show because I ended up finding so much stuff to gif. Pretty sure I thought it was good.

The social stuff was a LOT less irritating - hopefully because they are listening to the people bitching about it. I guess we'll see.

Oh, and since it's WWT100... uhm... oh, bonus gifs! Yeah, I did it just for WWT100... and not because I couldn't stop giffing AJ :P

AJ ":o :D :D :D"'s AJ "dat look"'s AJ shakes (good girl!) Kelly Kelly shakes (good girl!) Bryan shakes (good boy!)

Hope you enjoyed! Once again if these recaps are too much for your computer/cell phone/tablet, make sure to check out the "lite" version of the site (link in the sidebar). Also wouldn't mind about 50 more Facebook likes so I can have 1,000... cos... you know... 10 fingers :P

After The Bell

AJ gets graphic

BOOM 1k likes, woo! Let's hear it for everyone wiht 10 fingers! Yeah! All you people with fewer than 10 fingers suck! All you people with 11 or more fingers, what, do you think you are better than me! SCREW YOU!

Thanks, guys n gals ;)

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