Wrestling With Text

The 1-2-3

Well, our first "real" three hour RAW. As everyone predicted we got slapped with more filler recaps and social garbage.

Nice to see how the WWE thinks the aftermath of a pyro botch more important than their divas (save for AJ and Vickie, of course ;D).

Cut out all the BS and you'd have a pretty great 2 hour show. As it was it was pretty damn good. Lots of focus on entertaining angles, some good matches, rape joke, casual racism here and there. Really the whole package... if that package had been dropped in some dog shit along the way.

Bonus AJ gif cos it didn't turn out as well as I wanted, but it's still AJ :P

Oh, last thing, I added a "lite mode" to the site. You'll notice a link to it at the top. This will make recaps show up one image at a time so it won't choke cell phones, etc. If you have any feedback about this or anything else on the site please feel free to contact me or post a message. Thanks!

After The Bell

Chris Jericho approves

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