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My brief and uninsightful recap: Vol. 116: WWE Payback - Page 2

There will be revenge.. There will be botches.

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The 1-2-3

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So, hey, the monkey's back. Or something. All I know is that PPV pushed me over the edge. Pretty much been killing myself getting this recap together, but damn did I love giffing all those great moments.

I have no idea how frequently I will/can do this, but I'm gonna give it a shot even if I can't be as timely as I'd like. Can't have it all I guess ;p

Anyway, I'd love it if you guys shared this recap (the share buttons should share page 1, assuming I coded everything right) as well as post the images to your favorite rasslin forums, tell a friend about the site, hug a monkey, save a banana. I don't know, what the hell time is it?

Also, as I mentioned somewhere in the recap, I haven't seen RAW yet because I wanted to get this recap done. I let a buddy of mine spoil the wardrobe malfunction for me, though. The only acceptable spoiler is boobs.

Peace, love, bananas.

Additional info:
- Daffney takin a big one - Big E's big T - My favorite grumpy cat video (or possibly just the only one I've watched)

Bonus gifs I made while I was "away":
- Cesaro and Mike Quackenbush pulling some antigravity BS - Fandango's real dancer - AJ's Black Widow mini gallery - Extreme Rules mini gallery

After The Bell

AJ replied to being tweeted one of my gifs: https://twitter.com/WWEAJLee/status/348133399409594369
And Dolph replied directly to my tweet with the head kickage gif :D https://twitter.com/HEELZiggler/status/348150463675375616

Oh, and sorry about the Bray Wyatt thing. I read something on accident that made me think he debuted D:

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