Wrestling With Text

The 1-2-3

Anyone have any insight into how you can broadcast from the same place for years and still have so many silly technical botches?

Anyway, couple really good matches this go around. The Chavo debut was terribly hilarious once you got over how sad some aspects were.

My biggest hope for the next episode is that they make some headway on the Aces and Eights angle. Or at least have them do something a bit more clever than interrupt matches.

Oh, and isn't it about time for Devon to lose the TV title due to not defending it? LOL.

After The Bell

Here's a funny little Twitter battle that launched after Joey Ryan Tweeted the gif of him punching Al Snow:

@JoeyRyanOnline: For my 87%ers -- BOOM!: http://wrestlingwithtext.com/0tt5B (credit: @WrasslorMonkey)

@TheRealAlSnow: @JoeyRyanOnline @wrasslormonkey you hit like a chick ! Take that back . Been hit harder by a girl than by @JoeyRyanOnline !

@JoeyRyanOnline: @TheRealAlSnow @wrasslormonkey me dropping you on your ass says differently.

@TheRealAlSnow: @JoeyRyanOnline @wrasslormonkey I will be @IMPACTWRESTLING next Thursday PLEASE show up and try it again PLEASE

@WrasslorMonkey: @TheRealAlSnow @JoeyRyanOnline Well, OK. But fair warning, I really do punch like a girl and will likely just embarrass myself.

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