Wrestling With Text

Before the bell

I'll be live giffing here, on Twitter and on Tumblr.

As always, feel free to share this page or the individual gifs anywhere you want :)

The 1-2-3

Welp, it ended and nobody was surprised.

But oh well, finally got to live gif again - and all it took was 5 different programs (GetFLV to whatch the stream in a weird RTMP mode with its Chrome Kernel, Replay Media Catcher to rip the stream, Tubedigger to convert it while ripping, VLC to record bits of video, and Photoshop to edit/make the gifs).

Not sure when I'll be giffing again - very likely I'll be back for the next PPV, possible I could start doing RAWs again.

Also, check out my recaps of Money in the Bank 2012 and Money in the Bank 2013.

Hope you guys enjoyed!

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