Wrestling With Text

The 1-2-3

The good news:

Good RAW! I think my brain turned inside out during the Layla/Miz "commentary", but aside from that it was pretty entertaining. Really can't go wrong with a Chicago crowd.

Naturally Kane/Daniel Bryan stole the show. If the anger management sessions are truly over I'll be sad to not see more, but happy they ended before they got bad.

Bonus gif of Heyman sans dog head.

Additional info:
- What if we just pretend it wasn't stupid? - Olaf is in another time zone! - Dear God. It's beautiful. - BAH GAWD, KING! THAT KITTY HAS A FAMILY!

The bad news:

Since I started doing these recaps they have slowly taken over my life, but I've been ignoring that fact since it's been fun ;) I've given it a lot of thought and I've decided to put this site on hold indefinitely.

In the coming weeks I plan to scout some web development jobs and hopefully find one that I wont want to quit in six months :P I'll also be trying to figure out a new format for the weekly recaps that can fit comfortably in the confines of a "normal life."

I've had a lot of fun making these recaps for you all and I thank you for the overwhelmingly positive reception they have received. Hopefully I'll be back soon in some capacity. Wish me luck in my future endeavors :D

After The Bell

Ricardo approves (the ban)

Also, thanks to everyone for your kind words :)

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