Wrestling With Text

The 1-2-3

Perros gringos + epic 6 man tag + corporate Kane = pretty damn good RAW in my book.

You know, I'd pay good money to watch the Daniel Bryan/Brie Bella training sessions. And by pay good money I mean watch on YouTube. Or download illegally. Not that I would ever do that.

Sure hope this Big Show lawsuit thing is done. I mean, I didn't really mind it until the multiple segments of "proof" of wrongful termination/descrimination/whatever. Of course I say this knowing that SmackDown still exists so... maybe just three or five more repeated segments and done.

See you next time, rasslin fans. And may the power of the invisible hand of the free market be with you!

After The Bell

Dolph is emBARE-ASSed.

Also my damn server locked up. Sigh.

You know, now that the problem has passed, the thought of Dolph Ziggler's ass bringing down my server is kinda hilarious.

And I made Dolph e-laugh. Good day.

Also made Curtis Axel e-laugh, bro!

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