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The 1-2-3

Well, that was eventful!

Not the greatest RAW, but it certainly had the greatest segment I can remember ever seeing. It wasn't just random WTF funny like a talking hand, a bed pan to the head or circumcision with a katana. All of the Anger Management segments were subtle, well written and well acted (given the context). THIS is what I have been wanting in my rasslin.

We got some blood, which is cool if you're into that kind of thing. Good to see Punk is still willing to go the extra mile to entertain. Almost 100% sure he did it hardway, too, since there was already blood running down his head before the point where it looks like he's blading. Plus the picture of the staples in his head is pretty convincing. Also pretty sure Lil Naitch didn't get fined no damn half a million dollars, lol.

Good botches, amazeballs DB/Kane, AJ eyeballs. I was happy! Well, I kind of wanted to eat a bucket of glass during Hunter's promo, but still. Oh, and some pretty great signs, too!

In case you missed it, here is the AW sign.

And now, the bonus gifs:
- I wish I could have seen the whole thing :( - Natty Butt-splashes Little Jimmy! - Compose yourself, AJ - Lip biting: not fair

Additional info:
- TMZ's page on Cameron's DUI arrest - Hold My Hand - Who Kane was impersonating - Daily Affirmations - I don't know why I bothered looking - And here's some cats because whatever

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