Wrestling With Text

The 1-2-3

SmackDown keeps having so many irresistible giffing moments! RAW, however, didn't interest me in the slightest this week (though I did make a gif someone requested in my Random Rasslin' Pics section). I guess WWE needs to start rolling out some more B+ talent to keep me entertained, nawmean?

Anyway, I'd love it if you could please Like WWT on Facebook if you haven't already. Also, tell yo friends, tell yo loved ones, I'm giffin errbody in here!

After The Bell

Got a favorite from the Us - O's

Cesaro says the shoryuken is epic!

And bam, within a few minutes of replying to Cesaro with my blog URL I got over 100 likes and hit 2,000! Thanks all :D

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