Wrestling With Text

The 1-2-3

Well, I wasn't too hot on this PPV for the first few matches. I was also kind of exhausted. Decided to go to sleep after Bully won his match.

I had a dream that I was somehow the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. I just love the belt. But wouldn't you know it the front metal piece was missing! Naturally I had to wonder around a town which looked oddly like Stormwind's Old Town. Eventually I wandered into a restaurant kinda place and the metal piece was sitting on a table which Flair and Nash were eating at with a few other people. They congradulated me finding the piece and handed it to me. Remind me not to fall asleep during a PPV again.

So yeah, wake up and watch the Kenny King match. Loved it since I'm such a Kenny King mark.

Then match of the friggin century with Styles/Daniels/Joe/Angle. Giffing that was just stupid. Pretty much had to pause every 15 seconds.

Kinda on the fence with the end of the main event. Considering TNA I guess I should have expected a big pile of WTF to end the show, I guess.

After the second viewing I still didn't like the first two matches much, but the rest of the ppv was great.

Finally remembered to start tagging some moves. At some point I'll go back and tag them all for grins. I'll also prolly set up a section for them on the tag page... course I still have a 3 hour RAW to recap o_o

After The Bell

1.) Brian Hebner approves and he reminds me I forgot to gif his ref bump :o

2.) And he appreciated me adding it :D

3.) I was just told that some internet filters block sites with "hardcore" in the URL so I changed it to "hard-justice" instead. Sorry if that messes anything up ;D

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