Wrestling With Text

The 1-2-3

The most interesting part of RAW for me, apart from the first and last 20 minutes or so, was the fact that there was a 46GB satellite rip of it posted. From what I hear this is what the TV stations receive before they downsample it for broadcast. Before I deinterlaced all the frames I was noticing everything was very blurry like SmackDown always seems to be. I wonder if someone at SyFy is making that big of a mistake.

It was pretty cool, but a lot of extra work since I had to mess with such a ginormous file. Sure beats downloading an HD rip that is wrought with gross artifacting when there's a lot of motion, though.

At any rate, Manchester tried their damnedest. Kudos to them!

After The Bell

That last gif comes from a little after-RAW celebration. I uploaded it to youtube since I couldn't find any other videos of it there :o

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