Wrestling With Text

The 1-2-3

Welp, there it is. A go-home show that wasn't batshit crazy and actually announced the card (lol).

Couple bonus gifs that prolly could have been better: Eve doing hair stuff, VINTAGE Orton

My predictions for Summerslam:

Booker declairs for one night only the World Heavyweight Championship is under Hardcore Championship rules. Alberto runs Sheamus over with a Bentley and pins Sheamus while still in the car. Ricardo Rodriguez descends from the rafters as Chimaera and defeats Alberto for the title.

AJ Lee books herself in a Diva's Title match, wins, destroys the title and fires the rest of the divas because, well, may as well at this point.

Book it!

After The Bell

Aight, Bored Wrestling Fan podcast is over. Good times were had. I made sure to restrain myself since I'm a first time guest, but I did have a little fun ;)

You can download it here in mp3 format.

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