Wrestling With Text

Before the bell

Quick note: I updated how the "lite version" works. If it doesn't work out for you, please leave me a note. You can click the title of any of the images to get back into the one-image-per-page view.

The 1-2-3

So much selling I couldn't resist a quick recap.

Speaking of not being able to resist, I didn't like the fade out from Goldie's theme to Cody's theme, so I made my own.

Also wanted to give everyone a head's up that I changed the "Lite version" to something more similar to the regular version. Rather than a page per image I made all the gifs be thumbnails until you click them. Like I mentioned above you can click on any image's title (the text above the image) to get into a one-image-per-page view. Please yell at me if this doesn't work out for you!

This was done mostly because it was becoming a pain to maintain both versions with the new live giffing stuff I have been working on. If it doesn't end up working out for cell phone users I'll work on getting it fixed.

See you Monday for RAW and another live giffing event!

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