Wrestling With Text

The 1-2-3

I don't get it. Did nobody think to tell The freakin ANIMAL Batista he looked like a chode? Well, I guess if Undie can wear guyliner then Batista can have a dainty little nose stud.

As you can see I messed around with watermarking some of the images (it's only placed over the RAW hashtag). Tell me what you think, good bad or indifferent (I was shooting for indifferent).

Also, go back and check the hashtag on the Batista gifs, you probably missed something.

More stuff to see

Nothing interesting on the satellite feed rip this week, but I uploaded a clip of my favorite Bray Wyatt moment. Been humming the tune all day.

Also made an up/down vote gif of Del Rio's boobies for the redditors which I have added to the up/down vote album.

Let the road to WrestleMania begin!


I added a section to the site showing all the images which have gotten wrestler/wrestling personality tweets, check it out!.

Also pleeeeeease nominate the Cesaro Sho-Ryu-Ken gif for a social media Shorty award for best gif of 2013! You can also toss me one for best gif maker if you're so inclined ;)

After The Bell

Props from Xavier on the FF gif

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