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My brief and uninsightful recap: Vol. 117: WWE RAW - June 24th

Grown men hugging eachother and wrestling

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The 1-2-3

Ah, that was wrestling. Damn these last few RAWs have been a lot of fun.

Also, doing this blog with a full time job is kinda murder. Luckily one of the guys at work who I couldn't stand got fired, so I was pretty happy.

Still gotta watch Smackdown, too! A rasslin fan's work is never done.

FYI If you're a chrome user and are having troubles with animated gifs lately, It's a bug in Chrome 27. The bug will be fixed in the next version (28). They will probably work fine on other browsers til then.

Craving more? Here's RAW from one year ago.. AJ in a bikini. Yeah.

And for the random references
- Brothers gotta hug - Somebody to love - Steiner muscle worship tribute LOL this exists
- Texas gives Vickie so much heat even she loses it - Guess who! Ruh ruh ruh RYBACK, Ruh ruh ruh RYBACK, Ruhuhuhules - Hey guys. Woah, Big Gulps, huh? All right! Well, see ya later. - The next Wrestlemania theme - Boots n cats

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