Wrestling With Text

The 1-2-3

Since I actually made predictions, let's go over them:

Santino v Cesaro: Was almost certain it was gonna be Cesaro, woohoo!

Ziggler v Jericho: I got the feeling that since Ziggler was the overwhelming favorite they'd end up swerving us.

Kane v Bryan: I totally thought Kane would win. I love how they had Bryan win, though. Hilarious.

Miz v Mysterio: Figured Rey didn't need a mid-card championship and would be happy to job to Miz.

Sheamus v Del Rio: Said it would be boring as hell and Sheamus would go over. KILLER counter to the Cross Arm Breaker, though (too long to gif, unfortunately).

Trufi v PTP: I called PTP but I was pretty much 50/50 since it didn't seem like it really mattered. Marked for Kobe Bryant chants XD

Punk v Cena V Show: Was sure Punk would go over by being a jerk but not "cheating". Didn't call that shit with AJ, though, haha.

Kyle Randolph performance: Knew it'd be garbage. I was happy/sad about the divas coming out. Nice guitar solo, jackass.

HHH v Brock: Called Brock but again I was 50/50.

Here's a bonus gif of Rey nuzzeling fan.

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