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The 1-2-3

Welp, there it is. Aries making Aces and 8s look like goofy idiots. Aces and 8s making Aces and 8s look like goofy idiots. Hey, maybe RVD is the actual leader.

Aside from that, a more than sufficient amount of great rasslin and funny segments in this one. Can't go wrong with EY, ODB, Joe Park, Daniels/Kazarian and Joey Ryan! Also Gutcheck was awkward and painful in a good way.

As far as the wrestling, ODB/Madison was a fun little squash match, Joe/AJ murdered eachother quite well and Angle/Hardy had the PPV feel - which seems to be the norm for Angle anymore.

Really the only down sides were the aforementioned RVD/Aces and Eights goofiness. Wow, I didn't include Hogan as a downside of TNA...

Oh, one last thing. I went to sleep after watching Impact the first time and had a dream that I was back home and asked my Mom to make me some fried chicken. Also, I really want some fried chicken. The End.

Additional info:
- A-Double's lefty training - WOO! WOO! WOO! - Stingmon - o canada. - He's not human! - WeEEEeeelll, well it's a big cat! WOOOO!

After The Bell

Joey Ryan approves

Bored Wrestling Fan podcast (I was on there spouting my nonsense :D)

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