Wrestling With Text

The 1-2-3

SmackDown felt kinda crap of late, but this episode was pretty solid.

Seeing Cesaro win a noteworthy match, Sandow unleash the beast all over the backside of Yoshi's head and DB/Kane/Mysterio/Del Rio put on a fun match put it over for me. The rest was watchable, even the Sheamus match ;p

Still helps when you can skip the recaps and commercials, of course.

After The Bell

Dolph approves. Now if he'd just retweet the URL I'd have more flashing lights in my analytics to look at ;D

To clear things up, I'm generally positive on Greenday, but Know Your Enemy just isn't all that great, especially not for a wrestling theme. I was hoping it'd get replaced along with all the RAW1000 newness.

Also, they should totally change Santino's theme to this.

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