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My brief and uninsightful recap: Vol. 118: WWE RAW - July 1st

Insomniacs would pay big money for that main event!

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The 1-2-3

Well, if you could make it past the snoozy matches there were some fun moments. I kinda wish they would make the "looking back on wrestling history" a thing. I mean, it's three friggin hours - wouldn't hurt to switch things up a bit now and again.

So about a year ago Dolph got kicked right out of a gif! Here's RAW from one year ago..

If Chrome is having issues animating gifs for you, you can right click them and open them in a new window. Sure hope Chrome 28 comes out soon :P

My next recap will probably be Money in The Bank, see you guys then!

And for the random references
- Wont be fooled again! - The *real* Robin Hood, according to my childhood - Promo leading up to the famous Undertaker/Dr. Frankenstein feud - Gonna miss the PPV intro :( - That other time I marked out for Jinder - A pattern of behavior? - Sammartino's Twitter - Starrcade 1997 Highlights - I was looking for footage of the Nick Patrick "fast count" and came accross this. Guerrero v Malenko. Good lawd.

After The Bell

Woohoo, another Ziggler tweet!.

Also I used "to" instead of "too". Gonna go jump out a window now :(

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